Friday, October 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursday...on a Friday!| Meet Niesha

Hi There Fab Divas!

So as I was putting this post together last night  I realized it was actually Thursday and not Wednesday! Did I mention it's been a rough week?? I'm so glad that today is actually Friday!

Anywho, remember in my tips earlier this week I recommended having thrift buddies to help you snag those fab finds? Well, today's Thrifty Thursday feature in none other than my fave girl and thrift buddy Niesha! And this fabuless J. Crew skirt she's killing in this pic...yep, I found it for her! Now do you get the drift!

Oh and did I mention...Thrift is SEXY! Get it Niesha!

The Look
The Limited Shirt| Goodwill $2.25
J. Crew Skirt|  Goodwill $2.25
Guess Heels| Marshalls $30.00

You betta get you a thrift buddy!

Laters Divas,


  1. I like the idea of having a thrift buddy. I went thrifting this weekend and found nothing cheap. I live in CT and the thrift stores look like department stores! LOL

    1. Thrift stores that look like department stores?? Sounds like heaven to me! Thanks for stopping by!