Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tie Dye DIY!

Hey There! If you follow us on Instagram, (divasthrift2 and naturaldiva1) you'll remember we posted a couple videos of us experimenting with tie dying. Well, needless to say, we've gone tie dye crazy! How could we not? And since, the thrifting Gods shined his heavenly light on me  and allowed me to find these Mossimo jeggings at the Goodwill for only $4 - I immediately asked the question the most obvious question, "Where's the bleach?".

I'm so glad I did.  Okay, okay, honesty moment.  I'm so thankful my daughter tie dyed them-I'm pretty sure I would've screwed it up! She really did a great job and these suckers came out better than any pair I would've bought in a regular retail store. Fabulous for $4?? Yes please!


  1. Now Im running around looking for the perfect jegging to get busy, thanks for the inspiration! Nice post..will checkout your blog for sure!

  2. I LOVE the look SO SO much!!!! AWESOME.....