Monday, October 8, 2012

Hi There Fab Divas!

It's another beautiful Monday! Woohoo! Well, not really. I HATE Mondays. I really, really do. I usually fall into a mild depression around 5ish on Sunday and will typically come out of it around 5 today. I figured, I should probably try dressing in bright colors to help my mood. Hence the look of the day. I've been dying, like seriously DYING to wear this mustard Forever 21 boyfriend cardigan I scored from Goodwill last month. This cardigan, along with my new Rock Star skinnies I scored from Old Navy last week, made me feel better as soon as I put them on. Now...let's see how long this mild euphoria lasts!

The sun may have disappeared but these colors are shining bright hunni boo boo!

Only is South Carolina can you pull off wearing a cardigan and flip flops!

The Look
Forever 21 Boyfriend Cardigan| Goodwill $2
Rock Star Skinny Jeans| Old Navy $19.99
White Tank Top| Sears $2.99
Leopard Sandals| Old Navy $7
Leopard Earrings| Charlotte Russe $3
Michaeal Kors Watch| Gifted
Ring| Gifted
Sunnies| Forever 21 $3

Laters Divas,


  1. Cute look! Love your jeans!! Found your blog via The BLM Girl group on FB :) Now following!!

    With Love,

    1. Thank you for stopping by Ashley! Your blog is actually one of my book marks! Love your entrepreneur spotlights..very motivating! Following back!


  2. Ok, I am loving the sweater. Need that color in my life. What size is it and do you wanna give it away...LOL

    1.'s a medium Shantile! You can def have it!