Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maxi Skirt Blues

Hi there!

Still feeling a lil blue about the demise of summer. I'm trying to squeeze very item in this last week before I start packing away my summer stuff and replacing with fall/winter. If you may remember, I  bought this pleated maxi skirt from Goodwill during their %50 Labor Day Sale. It is so light and I really love how it flows when I'm walking. Sigh...I'm going to miss these days.

Striped Cami: Forever 21 $4.80
Pleated Maxi Skirt: Goodwill $2
Nine West Wedges: Belk $24
Vintage Tote Bag: VJ-Style.com $43.99

Let's talk about this bag for a second. Not only am I a thrifter, but I'm an avid, "shop until you find the best deal" kind of girl. If I see something I like that's priced ridiculously high, I'll search the web until I find a similar item at a better price. This bag is an exact replica of the Zara Plaited Shopper that's priced at $149...that wasn't gonna happen. So I got to searching and my vintage tote from vj-style.com was close enough and priced just right. Check out the side-by-side:

Moral of the story: Fab-u-less is always the best option!

Laters Divas;


  1. I love this outfit!! I'm sadly missing summer already too.


  2. I commented on facebook (Carsedra McKoy), but had to post here too. How cute is this outfit, love the skirt, shoes and handbag!!

    Carsedra of:



  3. That pleated maxi skirt is everything! I need to go thrifting ASAP!

    1. Yeeeees! Go and then come back and tell me what you found! Lol