Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What A Snow Day

It's snowing in the South! And I'm really excited about it, like I really, really am. But, I'm most excited at the fact that I got a free day off from work! Won't He do it! Right now, I'm typing this post lounging in my leopard onesie chilling super hard in my bed. I'm going to enjoy this because it's back to work tomorrow!

   How crazy is it that I was able to get away with removing my jacket to take this pic on Sunday, and now today there's snow! Snow people! Where's my hot chocolate!

Goodwill H&M Dress $4.25// BCF Faux Leather Jacket// F21 Booties// Goodwill Purse $3

Did you guys get any snow in your neck of the woods?? How are you spending your free day off?




  1. super cute dress babe

  2. Very cute Dee! Love the dress and of course what a find! Chic! We had snow too! Worked from home today and back to the grind tomorrow!

    xo, Kenya

  3. Snow days are the best! Esp when it cancels work lol Cute look!! Thanks again for stopping by my blog :)

  4. I MISSED this... LOVE this dress!