Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Wedding Season: Part 2

Hi there! We're back to share part 2 of our  wedding season series. When I thrifted this LBD a few months ago, I intended for it to be my weight loss goal dress. Somehow, my sister talked me into believing I'd never fit into the dress even if I lost the 20 lbs of curvaceousness, and it would be more apropos for her much leaner frame. Since, things aren't moving along too well in the weight loss department, I figured I'd let her "borrow" it for the time being.

Typically, wearing black to a wedding is frowned upon. But, when a dress is as fabulous as this...who really gives a damn? This LBD is absolutely perfect for an evening wedding for three reasons; it's a classic, it's fashionable and oh so chic...nothing could be more perfect.



Goodwill LBD $6.25/ / Bakers Heels/ / Goodwill Belt $1/ / Charlotte Russe Sunnies

For some strange reason, I don't think I'm getting this dress back.


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