Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Foxy Brown

Hi There!

Picture this. You're perusing the aisles of your favorite thrift store.  You see a lady checking out a fabulous chocolate brown leather coat - the one you've been dying to find. You size her up knowing A) It won't fit her and B)  She sooo won't do it justice. You linger... silently pray... and then plot on how  to trip her up, snatch it and run when suddenly comes to her senses and puts it back on the rack! You profess your love to Jesus and move in for the kill. The leather is butter soft -just like you'd imagined. You slip her on and she fits! You check the price tag and it reads $20. She's so worth. You get to the register and it rings up $10. Sigh. That...was a good day.



Leather Coat| Good Samaritan Family Thrift $10

Laters Divas,


  1. OMG...I have to comment on this post because I found a vintage leather jacket that is just as you described in your post. It was congnac in color, fit so perfectly, smooth as silk and the price was $19..something. But when I got to the register it was half off. Can anybody say SCORE!!!!!

  2. What an amazing find! Patience is definitely a virtue!!!