Monday, January 28, 2013

A Lil Dab of Sexy

Hi There Fab Divas!

Oh joy! It's another Monday. Am I the one who thinks Monday is the most unnecessary day of the week? I think I'm going to send God a memo and see if we can just skip to Wednesday. Anywho, I figured why not brighten my day with a lil color and a dab of sexy. I scooped this pretty lil piece up from the Goodwill (of course) about a month ago. I love the cut and they way the material hugs all'a my curves! I figured it would be fun to style it three different ways -with a blazer, a leather jacket and the dress by itself - just to show its versatility.


The Look
Dress| $4.25 Goodwill
Blazer| Palmetto Thrift $3
Faux Leather Jacket| Burlington Coat Factory $14
Booties| Bakers $59

Laters Divas,