Monday, December 2, 2013

Bargain Shopping

Hi there Thrift Divas!

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend as much as we did. We spent the entire weekend in Myrtle Beach with family and friends and had so much fun! So much fun!

Of course we were one of the crazy people who stood in line to catch those great Black Friday deals. Like this fringe boots that were on sale at Belk for $19 freaking dollars! Hell yes I'll stand in line!

F21 also had 50% off clearance. So this $5 sweater was a no-brainer; Copped the hell outta that!

F21 Sweater|| Charlotte Russe Jeans|| Belk Fringe Boots

Did you do any Black Friday shopping? Whatcha get??



  1. Girl did you say those boots were $19?! Umm can you say a steal!? Love it!! And I scooped some F21 goodies during black friday...couldnt let that extra 50% off sale items go to waste!


    1. Wasn't that a good sale!! Thanks for stopping by!