Monday, November 18, 2013

Thrift Tips

Hi There Fab Divas! No outfit posts today :-(. The weather here in Columbia was just not our friend this weekend. So, today we'll be sharing thrift tips to help you have a successful thrifting experience.  thrifting:

1. Know where you're going. In other words, plan out what thrift stores you want to visit because you'll likely hit a few stores to find what you want.

2. Set a Budget. Thrifting can get out-of-hand once you start scoring those uber fabuless finds! We tend to set our budget as low as $20 if were just randomly out shopping. However, if we are on a serious thift trip, we aim to spend no more than $50.

3. Bring Cash. A lot of stores don't have credit. You don't want to risk losing a great buy because you have to run to the ATM! Believe me, I know!

4. Have an idea of what styles your hunting for. I usually have snapshots of Pinterest items on my phone to help me stay focused on what I'm looking for and avoid buying unnecessary items I'll probably never wear.

5. Bring a friend. We have the best time when there's a group of four or five of us shopping. Plus, 10 eyes are better than two. Bring friends who are familiar with your style and thrift for each other. That'll also help you navigate the store quicker, so you can move on to the next store(s).

6. Try on Everything. Especially the vintage items. I can't tell you how many times we've purchased something and brought it home to try on and find it doesn't fit! That's annoying!

7. Dress Comfortably! Leggings or skinny leg jean with a fitted shirt are perfect! This will allow you to try clothes on in the aisle instead of waiting on a dressing room.

8. Leave your children at home. Thrifting requires a lot of patience. You will go insane if you try to bring them with you. Ask my sister!

9. BE PATIENT. BE PATIENT. BE PATIENT...and did I say be patient? It will take hours. You cannot skim the racks - you must touch every piece! Sometimes things are hidden or even cuter close up. So take your time and explore dammit!

10. Wash EVERYTHING. Do I really need to elaborate?

Do you have any thrift tips you's like to share? Please leave them in the comments section!




  1. Such great tips! I really need to remember to try to have patience when thrifting. Being in a rush often leads to me not trying things on and regretting purchases when I get home smh. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes ma'am! Patience is the most important thing you should have! Good luck next time.


  2. Hi Divas! I was wondering how you clean purses before you use them. I picked up three gorgeous purses from Goodwill last week but I haven't a clue how to clean them. Suggestions?