Monday, June 10, 2013

Dressing Room Chronicles

This weekend, I had absolutely nothing to nothing! The sis and friends went to the Mary J. Blige concert (I'm a Beyonce girl) and I was left to find something to do with my life soooo, I did the most exciting thing I could think of...THRIFTING! Check out my dressing room fun and fab finds at my fave place The...

I fell in love with this XOXO dress...the pleats in the back sealed the deal! $6.25 realllly loved this Mossimo romper! It was a soft linen material and brand new. But I hate my legs...and thighs...and butt in shorts, so I passed. Plus it was $ thanks!

This NY&Co maxi dress was super cute as well..but is was too big in the top and I really felt it was cuter as a skirt. Or Nah? So I passed. $6.25 was a good price though.

Now this is exciting. I never, ever, ever, ever, ever find pants  when thrifting! It's like curvy girls never give their clothes away or something! But this time I found 2 pairs that fit me fabulously. The pink is a pair of The Limited Drew fit  and the green (brand new with tags attached) was NY&Co. Scored them both for $4.25 each!

Also scored these fabuless goodies !

            The Limited Top $4.25                  The Loft Skirt  $4.25                   F21 Top $4.25 

Good times and great finds in the Goodwill dressing room!! These items were scored from this location.