Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kinda Like Thrift| Sequins? Yes Please!

Hi There!

About a year or so ago, the sis and I got wind that Sears was having a blow out sale. We're not usually Sears shoppers, but since we never turn down a good sale, we headed on over. I can't remember what month it was, or even what the sale event was named -all I know is, when we walked in and saw signs marked  $2.99 through out the store - we blacked out!

We scored blazers, shirts, dresses and skirts for 2 freaking 99 people! This super chic sequined dress was one of the items we both took home (we tend to buy the same things sometimes) from that sale. The exposed zipper in the back gives it just the right amount of sex appeal don't you think?

We haven't been back to Sears since that sale (and it's all Goodwills fault) but if anyone gets wind of that sale again, please let us know!!

The Look
Dress| Sears $2.99
Blazer| Goodwill $4.25
Tights| JC Penny $4
Jessica Simpson Booties| $40

Laters Divas,