Monday, December 17, 2012

TGIM and Home Edition Part 2

Hi Fab Divas!

This past weekend was str-ess-ful! Well..not really but I'm kind of dramatic and it just sounds good. If you'll remember, I've been baby sitting my niece and nephew and house sitting for my sis and bro-law since last week. It really wasn't too bad... I was able to get the kids to school and myself to work on time most of the week but over the weekend -things kind of went down hill. Somehow, the kids ate marshmallows for breakfast Saturday and were bouncing all over the place! I couldn't deal so -I took advantage of having a teen and snuck out for a few hours to go thrifting with my Mommy.

Note to self: Never go thrifting with that chick ever again in life! I've never spent less than 30 minutes in a thrift store! EVER! But, this chick goes in, looks at house stuff and is ready to leave! Who does that? This happened in 3 stores mind you. Needless to say, I was kinda over her but I was able to find some pieces I've been on the hunt for to decorate the new pad. 

Entertainment Center| Goodwill $12
 Baskets| Goodwill $1.25 each

Vase| Goodwill $3.25

Best $17.75 I've spent in a looong time! 

Laters Divas!

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  1. Wow! Great finds! I actually need that entertainment center and the baskets are great!