Monday, December 10, 2012


Hi there Fab Divas!

Happy Monday! It's really hard to believe its the last month of the year! We are literally blazing in to the new year! I'm soooo not prepared but super excited at the same damn time.

There are so many things happening this week! End of the year pressure at work, my daughter's basketball season is in full swing,  plus the sis and hubby are headed to the Bahamas this week (I mean, who the hell goes on vacation right before Christmas?!) and guess who's the lucky girl tasked with baby sitting and house sitting this week?? Yep, you guessed it - lil ole me! Soooo, posts may be a tad bit limited this week as I attempt to be super mom and auntie! Pray for me!

Now on to the OOTD. I finally got around to wearing this super cute blouse I scored from the the Swapnista party we attended a few months ago in Charlotte. I love this blouse. Not just because it's houndstooth and I'm a lil houndstooth obsessed at the moment...well maybe that is the reason- but either way it's hott dammit! Check it out.

The Look
Houndstooth Blouse|  Swapnista score $FREE
Blazer| Express $39
Jeans| Old Navy $19
Steve Madden Wedges| Ross $19

Laters Divas,

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