Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

Hi There Fab Divas!

We're so excited about today's Thrifty Thursday feature! This one comes all the way from Finland! Yes, you read it right..FINLAND! How cool is that? Today we're featuring Lara who blogs over at Rocket Raptor! Her blog is so amusing! You should definitely drop by her blog and check out her super cool topics!

Let's see how Lara in FINLAND Styles Thrift:

Vintage 70s Shirt| $6 Finnish Design
Vintage 70s Skirt| $3 Finnish Design
Boots| $10 Underground England

Love it! Thanks for sharing these fabuless finds Lara! Want to be our next Thrifty Thursday feature?? Shoot us an email at! We'd love to share!

Laters Divas,


  1. Thank you Divas ^^
    xxx, Lara

  2. A shoutout for you in here :