Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

Hi there Fabuless Divas!

I love it when a new thrifter nabs a great find. A few weeks ago, my friend and co-worker MerryEllen asked me to go thrifting with her. Of course I said YES, and we scheduled a time to meet at a new Goodwill in the area. I ended up running a little late, but by the time I got there, I found this chick didn't need me at all! She had a buggy full of stuff she found all on her own! This Ralph Lauren Tweed skirt she found is to damn fierce! I was literally trying to steal it among other things from her buggy! Yeah, it probably wouldn't have fit me - but dammit that didn't mean I wasn't gonna try!

Ralph Lauren Tweed Pencil Skirt| Goodwill $4
Ann Taylor Shirt| Ann Taylor Loft $20
Fossil Purse| Ross $20
BCBG Cowboy Boots| Dillards

How cute is she? Ralph Lauren skirts typically range from around $198 and up - so to nab this skirt for only $4...I think it's safe to say she's officially a Fabuless Diva! Check out a couple of her other fab finds:

2 Piece Wool Skirt Suit| $6
 2 Piece Skirt Suit| $6
 Color Block Dress| $4

Good job MerryEllen! If you're new to thrifting and have found some great items, please email them to us at! We'd love to share!

Laters Divas,