Monday, September 3, 2012

50% of at Goodwill!

Hey There!

Hope you guys had a fabuless weekend and a relaxing Labor Day. This weekend,  we spent time in Myrtle Beach with family and friends laughing, eating a lot and of course, thrifting. We'll definitely be sharing our finds with you in the coming weeks.

Now, on to the important stuff. Everything at Goodwill (excluding clearance and liquidation centers) is 50% OFF TODAY ONLY! Yes, I had to use the shouty capitals because I need to be sure you heard it correctly. If you've ever wanted to thrift, today would be the perfect day to do so. Head on over to your local Goodwill and check it out. You'll be glad you did.

Laters Divas,

P.S. If you find something amazing, please email us a pic of it. We love to share!

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  1. Hey fellow style blogger of color! Hope you're enjoying your holiday! Cute blog! I'm loving you're thrifty finds! By the way, I'm following you now courtesy of the bloghop! Great blog! I hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too!