Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Polka Dots + Zebra? Why Not!

Hi There Fab Divas!

Teesh is obviously on a roll this week. Like seriously...2 days in a row Mrs. Pattern Mixing! Did I mention that she makes me sick on yesterday? Well, if I didn't - let me profess it louder...SHE MAKES ME SICK. Who thinks of this stuff, then puts it together and have it look flawless? My mind just doesn't think like that. As the Fashion Coordinator of this here blog, I depend on her to style us to the Gawds! But dammit why does she have to do it so flawlessly?

FYI: You won't see any pics of me this week because A: I'm sick with a sinus infection, but I'm hoping my lack of appetite will lead to weight loss (as I devour this slice of pizza while typing this) and then I'll look equally fabuless next week! Right? And B: I'm just gonna let her show the hell out this week since she's on a roll. But, for some reason, I feel after you see these pics...you'll be like -Dee who?? Check her out!


I. Hate. Her...no I don't. Yes, I do.

Oh, and as if her fabulessness wasn't enough, this photo shoot was directed by my five year old niece who is kinda like a mini Naomi Campbell in the making. I can't stand her either.

The Look
Polka Dot Blouse| Goodwill $2.99
Zebra Print Skinny Jeans| TJ Maxx $15.99
BCBG Zebra Pumps| Burlington Coat Factory $39
Black Clutch| Goodwill $2.99
Belt| Goodwill $1
Earring| Charlotte Russe $3
Ring| Random Vendor $5
BCBG Watch| Gifted

Laters Divas,


  1. I'm going to have to try this. I have some great Leopard print shoes....maybe a strip of another kind. Eeek!

    1. You should definitely try it! Come back and show us when you do!