Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's Go Thrifting!

Hi there Fab Divas!

We're really sorry we've been M.I.A. But it's all for a good reason! Promise! If you follow us on our Instagram or Facebook, then I'm sure you know about our very 1st thrift event on October 12th! We'd really love to see as many of you there as possible and why wouldn't we since its FREE! 

Check back here on Wednesday where we'll have a video to show you the awesomeness of this store! 


  1. You all will have a blast! We have them in Atlanta twice a year. Enjoy!

  2. Awesome! So glad to see that you two are hosting an event. I hope it's a great success! :-)

  3. Eeek! I just found your blog via the Palmetto thrift newsletter I'm subscribed to. Been shopping there since 2011. Of course there is a link to your event and I must admit that I'm excited about it. Lookin forward to meeting you fabulous ladies!