Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy... on Purpose

After spending a much needed break at the beach with the fam and friends this weekend, it's not back to business as usual.  I must say, there is NOTHING like fun in the sun, laughing, eating good and being happy on purpose all rolled into one. I believe I'll continue to purposely be happy the rest of the week just for kicks. How about you?

Can you tell my sis is happy about wearing these fab Express wide leg pants? I thrifted these pants about a year ago as a "goal" pants for me to reach on my weight loss journey. Well, after a year I'm still not able to fit it, so just like the little black dress, my sis wins once again. I'm not mad though, cuz she's kinda cute in them a lil bit- but not much. Okay, maybe I am mad.