Friday, August 23, 2013

Thrifty + Fabulous Feature

Hi there! We have another Thrifty + Fabulous feature for you guys! Say Hi to Keren Charles, a fab thriftanista who blogs about all things thrift over at Two Stylish Kays. Her blog was the very 1st thrift blog I stumbled upon when I was searching for thrift blogs and I've been stalking her ever since!

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How would you describe your style and who inspires your style? I would describe my style as classic and effortless. I like wearing pieces that make a statement and add depth in
wardrobe, so they become my favorites that I can wear year after year. My late aunt inspired my sense of style. She was the epitome of a fine dressed lady. Whether going to church or to the grocery store, she always looked stylish and very fashionable. 

What are your hobbies and/or passion? I love sharing my passion for thrifting and educating others on how to do it successfully. I founded the Thrifting Atlanta community to meet others who share the same interests and passion. We host monthly thrift and brunch events, shopping bus tours and a forum for newbies to learn from the experts. 

Take us down memory lane to your 1st thrift experience- who, what, when, where and why  did you keep thrifting? What about thrifting do you enjoy?
My mom introduced me secondhand stores at an early age, so I learned the joy of thrift shopping and how to create fashionable wardrobes on a modest budget. 

What's your favorite thrift store(s) and why? My favorite chain of thrift stores is Goodwill, because I am rarely disappointed. I always walk out with an item that I love. I can also find a Goodwill in any city when I travel. 

What's your thrift store budget? I rarely limit myself to a budget  when I am thrifting. I only buy an item if I love it and can pair it with other pieces I have in my wardrobe. So whether I spend $5 or $50, I get the same joy and satisfaction with my purchase.

What was your inspiration for starting your blog. As a self-confessed blog stalker, I quickly realized there were few bloggers who looked like me and shared my love for thrifting. So I started Two Stylish Kays to fill that void. I use it as my outlet to share my love of fashion, thrift shopping and inspiring women to look stylish all the time.

If you're in the Atlanta area, you don't want to miss out on her upcoming event! See details below:




  1. Keren is a fabulous thrifter! She always finds AWESOME items!


  2. You look lovely! I love the second dress the best :)