Friday, August 16, 2013

Thrifty + Fabulous Feature!

Hi Fab Divas!

Sorry we've been MIA this week but promise we'll be back next week with new thrifty finds! In the meantime, starting today, I wanted to share with you guys some other amazingly fabulous bloggers we've met here in the blogesphere. These women are pretty darn awesome and of course fabulously thrifty! Today, we're featuring Ashley who blogs about fashion and beauty over at Fabellis. Enjoy!

Name:  Ashley a.k.a FabEllis

How would you describe your style and who inspires your style?  I would describe my style as classic with a twist.  I love classic pieces that never go out of style and to switch them up, I may throw on a fun, printed item or statement jewelry.  My style is inspired mainly by older films where women wore classic dresses as well as fellow bloggers like you.  

What are your hobbies and/or passion?  My hobbies are writing, reading and thrifting.  I am also passionate about helping women look and feel beautiful on a budget.

Take us down memory lane to your 1st thrift experience- who, what, when, where and why  did you keep thrifting? What about thrifting do you enjoy?  Wow!  From a very young age, I remember spending time in consignment stores.  In the small town I grew up in, my mother would consign at a store not far from our home.  I remember going there as a young child and as I grew into a teenager and fell in love with magazines like Seventeen, I began to notice that items they would show in the magazine could be found at the consignment shop for much cheaper.  So from there, I started thrift shopping in high school.  The more I got into fashion, I decided to keep thrifting because it became obvious to me that styles always come back around and it's more so how you wear a piece.

What's your favorite thrift store(s) and why?  My absolute favorite thrift store ever is Value Village.  From the size of the store to the great prices, I just love it!

What's your thrift store budget?  Typically, my thrift store budget is about $20.  I have been to Value Village and gotten five or more pieces for under $20.

What was your inspiration for starting your blog?  At the time I started the blog, I did not quite know what a blog was.  It was suggested to me by a co-worker.  She encouraged me to start one so I could share some affordable tips and finds with others.  I decided to start it in December 2010 and I've been going ever since.

Any upcoming events? Next Event:

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  1. Thank you for allowing me to be featured on your blog! You know I love what you ladies do and this is one of my favorite thrift blogs. :-)

    1. You're so welcome! Thank you for agreeing and always supporting!